• GphiG


    Glory Phi God (G Phi G) Youth Ministry is set up to develop the youth of this generation to deal with every day life, whether that life is in school, in the society they live, in church, at home, etc. Our function is also to help them grow in Christ, work their gift, and fulfill their purpose in the Body of Christ.


    One of Glory Phi God Youth Ministry's vital goals is to bring our Pastor's vision to pass by helping our youth to bring about and foster change in their school, community, home, etc. That is only possible if we equip them to minister effectively to their peers about Jesus Christ. We believe by doing so we will begin to see not only a change in their life, but also a growing number of young people added to the ministry.


    It is our prayer that the youth of G Phi G reach beyond religious barriers to ignite change in Toronto. One of the most important parts of the G Phi G vision is to have standing room only in our Wednesday midweek services because God's desire is that all may come to Him as Lord and personal Savior.


    Our G Phi G youth enjoy life! Our Friday night services are action-packed with exciting praise and worship and dynamic Bible teaching, and lots of fun, fellowship and laughter.